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I/We declare that the above terms and conditions have been read / understood and the same are acceptable to me/us. I/We have sought detailed explanations and clarifications from the Company and the Company has readily provided such explanations, documents and clarifications and after giving careful consideration to all facts, terms and conditions, I/we have signed this EOI and paid the booking amount for provisional allotment. I/We further undertake and assure the Company that in the event of rejection of my/our application for Provisional allotment for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to noncompliance of terms by me/us as set out in the terms and conditions provided in this application, I/we shall be left with no right, title, interest or lieu under this application or against any unit in relation to the said Project. I/We shall not claim anything except the refund of my principal amount. If any other Person(s) has signed EOI on my/our behalf, then he shall be presumed to be duly authorized by me/us through proper Authorization/Power of Attorney/Resolution etc.


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