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One of the primary needs of any human being is a home. A home is a security that allows every individual to flourish under the sense of security, knowing that at the end of the day’s hard work, there is a place where she or he can relax his or her mind body and prep up for the struggle that waits for him or her the very next day. A home is here new dreams are born and are natured, thus making it one of the most basic needs for survival. From dens to huts to today’s multistoried building all is the screaming testimony of what really a house means. Delhi Development Authority took a major step towards ensuring that people get the house within their financial capability under MPD 2021 at Dwarka Phase-2. The Awas Vikas comes with a bold vision of providing affordable housing society under New Dwarka Residential Scheme solutions for Delhi citizens as people of Delhi moving in neighbouring states including Noida, Gr.Noida, Gurgaon or Ghaziabad due to rocket prices of property. Eventually, Delhi government also leaked revenues. The estimated year of the scheme is 2021, which means that these homes will be constructed over a period of 5 years. Moreover, the Awas Vikas Scheme encourages women


The need to provide affordable housing in Delhi is growing by the day. Master Plan Delhi 2021 has picked up tremendous pace in the recent past. Out of 4 smart cities planned under MPD 2021, Dwarka Smart City is the biggest and the most lucrative one by far. First of all its location can be beaten by none. Closeness to Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi, Gurgaon, Dwarka and South Delhi makes it a great prospect for the people. Dwarka Smart City will enjoy the infrastructure made by the government under MPD. The new project launched under MPD 2021 is Smart City Delhi Awas Vikas in this zone. This project will work as a catalyst for the campaign “Ab Ek Ghar Dilli Mein” to make it true for everyone.

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This new project will be the ultimate solution for affordable housing in Delhi. Smart City Delhi Awas Vikas is a very progressive project. The unique fact about this project is that one third of its houses are reserved to women. This will serve very well to women who are working as well as those who are housewives. The project comes with the added advantage. The houses will be available through draws and only 310 houses are there, thus, now is the golden chance to start booking these flats. The flats are available with as low as Rs. 15.22 lakhs with many types of flat ranges catering to the diverse needs of our Indian families. Delhi Awas Vikas houses will have the luxury of facilities such as hospitals, schools, colleges around the society. Quick decision is the need of the hour, limited forms are available.


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